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In the life of a Finch
Scribbled words
Kelly: Secret Santa 1 
27th-Dec-2009 11:18 pm
Fuck yes!!!!

The Marauders in Modern Day Muggleland

“I can’t believe Peter is missing this.”

“I can’t believe we’re still seeing it! Wasn’t this his idea? Something about reliving his childhood?”

“”Well, Prongs, we already paid for the tickets. Unless you want to pay us all back…?”

“…Uh, no.”

“Then we’re seeing it.”

“Who the fuck has a premiere at eight at night anyway?”

“These people. Now shut up, be a doll, and hand me my popcorn.”

Sirius did so with a grumble under his breath. Remus smiled at him in that way that told him he was being a good boy. It might have made him mad that it seemed Remus was treating him at a pet, but it only happened when he was irritated and Remus would always apologize later. Always. And that thought (this time he’d just do it when they got back to their room, against the wall, shirts still on) made Sirius calm.

James was another story as the trio walked down the red carpeted hall to their theatre.

“What the bloody hell is a ‘Dragonball’ anyway?!” He shouted down the corridor loud enough that he got a few questionable looks and stink eyes from random families and couples within ear shot.

“I guess we’ll find out, now won’t we?” Remus snarled close to James’s ear, grabbing his arm and digging his nails into his friend’s arm. James yelped softly, Sirius laughed behind him. “This is why I can’t bring you two anywhere!”

Remus dragged James the rest of the way into the theatre, still getting strange looks from bystanders.

“Don’t worry, just a little lovers quarrel.” Sirius reassured the other movie goers. “Nothing like a nice movie theatre hand job to relive the tension, though!” He winked at the wide eyes, disappearing behind the heavy doors. No one else was going into that theatre for the movie.

For the ten minutes they had to wait for the movie to start, James was banging his head against the seat in front of him. Remus ignored it by angrily eating his popcorn and smacking away Sirius’s wandering hand when it went too high up his thigh.

“Do you realize I could be on a date with Lily right now? She actually asked if I wanted to do something tonight. Lily! And me! On a date! Ugh!” He smashed his head against the hard plastic of the chair again. On the way to do it again, Remus stopped him with a hand to his forehead. And a shove to make him go back in his chair.

“Shut up and stay still, it’s starting.”

James rubbed his neck, cursing the whiplash. He sometimes forgot the werewolf’s strength.

They watched the movie in silence, surprisingly. It might have been for the fact that none of them had any idea what was going on or how to make a joke about it. It was just bad. Remus would have permanent confusion wrinkles after this movie. Sirius fell asleep about fifteen minutes in when Remus denied his movie-sex hints one too many times. Half way through, when Goku and company realized they had to go to a fighting tournament to save the world from the gray alien, the screen flickered as the film seemed to catch fire and die. Remus turned to James, glaring at the suspicious wand shaped lump under his shirt. James put on his best innocent face. It wasn’t very convincing.


Remus, still glaring, then sighed and shook Sirius awake and smiled. “Fine, we’re just going to have to see it allll over again with Peter.”

James face was priceless. “Wh—bu—Moony! Come on! Don’t do that to me!”

He wasn’t listening as he pulled the half asleep Sirius out of the theatre. The dog yawned, rubbing his eyes. “I told you we should have gone to see the rodent movie with the claws and the shirtless men and the explosions…”

“Padfoot, you can make your own explosion and I hope I’m the only half naked man you ever want to see.”

“Yeah, but I like you all naked. And there are no clawed rod…” Sirius’s words were lost when Remus stopped them in from of one of the theatre’s “coming soon” movie cutouts.

“Hey guys, what are you two staring at?” James caught up with them, pushed passed the pair to see the cutout as well.

It was a large think with three teenagers on it looking about their age, holding up wands and looking very serious. The title read “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Apparently it was coming out in July. All three of them felt a shiver run up their spine at the sight of the cutout.

“Is it just me, or does this somehow seem really creppy?”

“That…old guy in the background…he reminds me of Dumbledore. Except, not as rainbow and colorful.”

“Half-Blood Prince…why does that sound familiar?”

“Why the hell does that kid have my last name?”


They all looked at each other at the same time, staring back and forth from their faces to the cutout and back again. None of them took a breath, or dared to blink.

They laughed.

“Right, right, because their totally making a movie about magic and Hogwarts!”

“Like these Muggles knew about all that!”

“Harry Potter—HAHA! What a stupid name! I bet that red head is named Ronald or something stupid like that!”

They laughed right out of the movie theatre, to the car, and all the way to dinner.
28th-Dec-2009 05:58 am (UTC)
The Ronald line had me laughing for ten minutes. Time to go to bed? Yeah, I think so.

And when the fuck did they enter a tournament to fight a gray alien? I do not remember that all.
28th-Dec-2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
The gray alien is Piccolo and I know they had to fight in some tournament thing at some point in that movie. It was when they met up with Chi Chi! And Piccolo's sidekick person was like 'I'm going to look like you and fight and then make Goku and you get all emotionally pissed off! Bwahahaha!'

....Or something like that.
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